1. descend, come or go down, drop down, gravitate, sink; slip, slide, backslide; trip, trip over one's own feet, stumble, fall down, take a spill, tumble; go head over heels, pitch, plunge, plummet, dive, take a nosedive; drop, plop, plump, Inf. plunk; topple, fall over, keel over, collapse, slump, crumple, fall into a heap.
2. decline, depreciate, fall off, drop off, dip, lower, go down, decrease, slump; diminish, flag, wane, ebb, recede, give way; subside, abate, let up, lessen; dwindle, waste away, languish, droop, faint, fade, fail, deteriorate, go downhill, die.
3. slope, slant, incline downwards, tilt; hand down, reach or extend downward, droop.
4. sin, err, transgress, offend, trespass, go astray, fall from grace; lapse, falter, slip, backslide, go downhill, deteriorate, degenerate, go to pot or to the dogs; be degraded, be demoted, be reduced, be humbled.
5. succumb, give in or up, submit, yield, cry quits, surrender, capitulate; be taken, be defeated, be overthrown, be taken over.
6. drop dead, die, perish; be slain, be killed.
7. come, fall on or upon, descend upon, envelop.
8. come to pass, happen, Archaic. arrive, chance, come about, befall, occur, take place; turn out, result, issue, stem from, arise.
9.(all of trees and animals) fell, chop down, cut down, knock down, strike down, shoot down.
10. fall back on or upona. fall back to, retreat to, withdraw to, retire to, draw back to.b. have recourse to, resort to, take to, make use of, use, employ, call into action, call into play, call upon; rely on, depend on, count on or upon, trust in.
11. fall down Informal. disappoint, fail, fall short.
12. fall for Slang. a. be deceived by, be fooled by, be taken in by, be duped by.b. fall in love with, become infatuated with.
13. fall in sink inward, cave in, collapse, come down about one's ears, crash in; break down, fall apart, crumble.
14. fall offa. separate from, withdraw, retreat, back away, back off or down; retire, step aside or down, yield, give way.b. deteriorate, decline, decrease, diminish. See fall(def.2).
15. fall on or upona. assault, attack, assail, set upon, rush upon, go for, swoop down on.b. experience, encounter, run into, bump into, meet with, come upon or into.c. chance upon, happen upon, light on or upon, hit upon or on, discover.
16. fall outa. quarrel, disagree, squabble, argue, fight, dispute, bicker, wrangle, altercate.b. happen, occur. See fall(def.8).
17. fall to begin, go to, start, start in on, commence, set about, go about, get the ball rolling, get the show on the road, get under way; tackle, take on, undertake; apply oneself, put one's shoulder to the wheel, put one's nose to the grindstone.
18. drop, plop, plump, Inf. plunk; descent, falling, sinking, gravitation; slip, slide, backslide; trip, stumble, spill, tumble, plunge, dive, nosedive; plummeting, pitching, toppling, falling over, keeling over.
19. decline, depreciation, falling off, drop-off, dip, lowering, decrease; diminution, flagging, wane, ebb, recession; subsidence, abatement, lessening, letup; dwindling, drooping, fading, deterioration, going downhill, slipping; faint, slump, collapse.
20. falls waterfall, cataract, cascade.
21. downward slope, declivity, downhill, downgrade, descent, decline; incline, inclination, slant, grade, slope; angle, pitch, tilt.
22. sin, error, transgression, offense, trespass; the Fall, original sin, fall from grace, aboriginal catastrophe; downfall, lapse, slip, backslide; deterioration, degeneration, depravation, debasement, abasement, degradation; demotion, setback, comedown, humbling.
23. surrender, capitulation, giving up or in, submission, yielding; capture, overthrow, taking, seizure.

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